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ning in the open fields during the year 1853 15 were

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in which it lies, all of those things which to your


tically secured, and suitable buildings, so arranged

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cellulitis of the leg, which failed to show any im-

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original mischief ? Clearly not, for the following rea-

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called eye strain can be accounted for most ration-

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history was good, except that when five years old he

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Service. Detail for the Board : Assistant Surgeon-General

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in slightly luackish water,-'^ but it is e.s.senlially

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im|)ortant a matter there shoukl be ampl(< proof.

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an estimated population of 15,075,011, for the week ending

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culty (owing chiefly, I take it, to want of railway con-

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before mentioned into the beds of gravel and sand on

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The death-rate ranged from 5.7 in KingĀ» Norton to 22.8 in

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The clavicle, sternum, ribs, or vertebrae are directly

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the " other man " (for tact often means merely a dis-

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work, from which it is hoped that the general trend

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land; in one or two thinly-peopled districts in the

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disease to prevent its communication to others, and to

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Proving (xround, Indian Head, Md., and ordered to the Navy

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Haverhill 1 each. From erysipelas, Chicago 3, Baltimore 1.

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presence of extreme jaundice, it should be confined

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many indefinite or unsatisfactory terms used by physi-

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curves of the next three weeks, for while the total

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lie had never had any food but breast milk. He vomited

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lung diseasesSOl, con.sumption 307, scarlet fever 41, whooping

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janitor by occupation. I was called to see him by Dr.

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lected at the close of each session contained 2 to 5

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reveal secrets, to y)e sure he would be guilty

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authors pass over this subject with little or no ref-

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as large when first discovered as at admission. She had

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issue with Klein, whose views relating to the deri-

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appetite and digestion ; was confined to bed, practi-

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least thirty-three per cent for the head of the a.sylum, and