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its relation to the great vessek and the stemomastoid muscles, its movement

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the difficulties are not so great. They may be regarded as generally belong-

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proieiLS, which decomposes the urine and renders it alkaline or ammoniacal,

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of various ocular muscles have been described, rather as complications,

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Jii the larir.' volm f recent w.irk whi.'li has lieen done with th

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siin-e it is also <.'iven liy olei<' acid and li.v many aromatic snlistani'cs i\w\

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twenty hours. Some patients prefer to have it put on at bedtime and left on

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Goldflam also called attention to the fact that the affection might begin

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all these continuing perhaps for years — cannot be reproduced in experiments

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far as the writer knows, no child or adult achondroplasic has, since the

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Moebius admitted the probability of a congenital predisposition, and also the

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when the ])erson rediin's it sjn-eads to a new location. Its prescnec nia\

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is a lesion of the adrenals. Lewin, in his analysis of the literature up to

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* Seltene Beob. z. Anal, Phys, u. Path., Breslau. 1816, Heft 1.

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>'0.., wliich it will be noted is present even in arterial blood in eon-

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As an example of tlu> role which extra- and intracellular enzymes are

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tions, such as alcoholism or cerebral hemorrhage with uraemia, must not be

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before healing is complete. The general health improves and the patient

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time re.|uired for the passaije through the small intestine.

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like them, all local uneasiness, and replies to your

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Sirncinrally the .Mctixe pait (d' the ;:lands. rcprcscnti.l l.y t\w acinii

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a subject as goitre, and only a brief mention is given of the more important

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lilood, whereas towards (>. no sin-h "liulTer action" is displayed. It will

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kyphoscoliosis and other deformities. Great weakness may occur tem-

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till' miis,-|es uill cause dilatation of the arterioles, for it has l.eeu shown

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in women mio have borne children and m old people, the median line of

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I \.itiiiii;il mil 1^ |Hiiiii.| Mil tlir ^iiihii'i'. Ill, w lull il I-. Ill Inuli ^|ll■

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with exudate, debns, and casts contributes to produce this deficient elimina-

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In cases of movable kidney associated with albuminuria, haematuria, tube

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advanced, at least so far as the thyroid is concerned. On the other hand,

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Kacli ])air at rilis, tof^ctlicr w itli its aitieiilatiiiir cartilau'c and vcitclx'ip.

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In yciieral. (ilistriictidii dl' the ureter results in a decrease in the amnunts

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alternate hot and cold douche to the hands or wrapping them in wet cloths

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includes the rest and improved nutrition so valuable in nearly all chronic

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our conclusions as to the changes. With the exception of an enlarged and

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the elimination of urinary solids and urea during the attack.

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of the early misconceptions of the etiological factors that progress in its

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renal parenchyma and its subsequent conversion in many cases into a pus-

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Others, like shocks and worry, may act by rousing a latent disease (possibly

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"-•-•urr.-,' Kvi.lently. ll,eref..r.-. the stimulus is .|..p,.n.lenl upon s.,m.-

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in siii-h eas.s is oft, n |ir,,m|,||\ ami ,ieeiilei||\ iiiereaseil.