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containing the vials to be filled. These vials have been very carefully
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not only may some of the victims be much more severely attacked than
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to twitch when irritated, but it does not move when excited by a blow on
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with' medical Science ; an adequate knowledge of the Latin language, and a food moral chaiacter.
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more or less tending to impair the enjoyment of life.
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Treatment. — Chalk, or whiting, suspended in a small quantity of water
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Sudoral Type. — Jacqoud has described a form of typhoid under this
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their effects, a reciprocal influence. — Western Med. Jour
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on drink, many of them feed badly. The tendency to alcoholic excess is, no
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Any of these rashes may become pustular, and bullae are not uncommon on
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When chloroform has passed for the correct time the gas-washing bottle is
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which the enlightened practitioner will deem desirable, viz., the eiEteii-
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unable to ascertain precisely its extent or origin. Three gentlemen, my
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Heterotaxy or Transposition of the Viscera. — Under the name of trans-
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fulness is induced, often suffer severely from the delirium tremens.
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beings, many cases of tuberculosis caused by the consumption of alimenta
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differentiated as entotic. The distinction, though interesting, cannot
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CfMtest eoalMenoe, and that be oMiJd bvdly dispense wltb It in tbe Uvatmeat of igrkw.
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covered with an exudation, forming a kind of false membrane. The
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of softening the stiff, oversized threads, thus rendering them soft and pliable
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pigs gives rise to nodular swelhngs resembhng to some extent tuberculous
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changed to forward-lying on a couch or other support.
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wholesome air, and of light, have the same baneful influence in disposing
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copies of each lymph number are taken in small 2 c.c. glass tubes, each
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form of abscess of the pulp is described first by Dr. A. Hugenschmidt, of
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Hartmann's wood-wool wadding, boric and salicylic wool, Martindale's
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clinical picture that many authors, among them Charcot, held that
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croachment of the enlarging cyst) with the left lateral ventricle, which,
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possibility of infection of cattle from the human disease, the second with
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the farmer adopt a like hasty notion, and dig up his seed at the end of
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she was under the care of Dr. Chaplin, of Cambridgeport. She not
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the Society, in this section of the State, to be a tax upon those who have
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