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order to make a correct diagnosis. Henry maintains that in one series

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brane : it is also less apt to undergo decomposition. Mercurial prepara-

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in the United States, where strong wines, ale, and porter are not in

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37, entered the hospitel August llth, 1862, with a gun-snot

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stomach. Stricture of the oesophagus from spasm, although often obsti-

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comes ^ thickened and fibrous. The dilated bronchi contain thin, opaque

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TREATMENT. The ordinary paroxysm of intermittent fever requires

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characteristic symptoms, the detection of the true nature of such a case

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In some cases remissions give hope of recovery, but they are usually

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open. Slight degrees of acute parenchymatous glossitis occur in stoma-

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our own opinion is that it is better not to continue the drug in small

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Among these may be mentioned cases such as have been reported by

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their influence that the disease is spread. The cholera organism de-

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inal vesicles, testes, mammary glands, lymph-glands, bones, and joints, all

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profess all for one operation or the other there is no difficulty. It

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course of a fortnight after the appearance of the induration the lymph-

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hemiplegic. The two affections have also different histories : spinal

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more frequently accepted as trutt, than that the periosteum is neces-

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care must be exercised in allowing a patient to go out when conva-

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diaphragm has occurred, leading to the passage of the contents of the

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to be drawn between acute and chronic nephritis, according as the symp-

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is smooth, rounded, resistant, and has a slight mobility. It frequently

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from the nose, hsemoglobinuria, amblyopia, tinnitus aurium, partial

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origin and progress of these diseases. The frequent association of cystitis

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eases, as erysipelas, pericarditis, pleurisy, or pneumonia.

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which neurasthenia, hysteria, epilepsy, neuralgia, and gout are common.

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vesicles and pustules are to be found. The usual anatomical varieties of

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dyspepsia. The attacks last for a half -hour or more, pain and fear of

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often accompanied by a marked depression of spirits and a peculiar irri-

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these walls. I cannot say that time and experience have lessened the

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