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from scarlet fever. Female, age 6 years. Acute otorrhoea with swelling and

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and can easily be repeated. In former times the disease was very

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be found), by applying a douche of cold (say about 50° ~F.) or chilled

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was as follows: Chenango, Columbia, Franklin, Jeffer-

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health, but for the past year she has been suffering a great deal from

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both speak most highly of it as a method of treating suitable cases of

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JTB knowledge. Nearly all who have observed the disease concur in the

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tightening their belts, but that did not mean that they

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An anfemic condition accompanies chronic malarial infection, as

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adhereut placenta, are predisposing causes. The subject of

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EBlarcement of the Heart without Valvular Lesions. Hj-pcrtrophy. Dilatation. Atrophy of

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the larynx is, in certain cases, attended with some degree of difficulty.

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needed to reproduce oflspring of full powers and resistances.

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after a few years spent in prison ? All experience utters a

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and this view has been more recently brought forward

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temperature ranging from 212** F. (100° C.) to 480° F.

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significant than its pains. The spine or any part of it,

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held a special meeting to consider what steps should be taken

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...the Promoting (of) Medical Knowledge among Physicians is the Necessary and direct

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serum there would be exudated, and the more serum exuv

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and that sometimes " very considerably '' — but later on

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North Carolina can maintain a medical school as well as any other

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In true diabetes the occurrence of sudden and very acute

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drojilets j)ersist and show the jjlay of colors characteristic of oil float-