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lateral lobes bearing a moderate ratio of size with the median. One
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ceeded by a mild intestinal derangement for two or three weeks more.
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manner and while many more elaborate methods are employed egg
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tion of the proper treatment of pyelitis and abscess of
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Osier states From Jacoby s latest studies it is doubtful whether
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and water. When treated with calcium salts a large proportion of
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himself desires the aid of a physician of acknowledged skill
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is not an unmixed evil. The condition has its advantageous side for
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Amongst my successful cases of both sexes the duration of the disease had
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to the College of Physiological Optics to grant the degree of
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diarrhcBa and gastric disorder during the latter months of utero
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and showed no improvement. In Case No. the organism was
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become a permanent resident in this country. Its history indicates
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must certainly be dependent on causes more or loss removable.
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pilots and observers among whom were twelve high grade and
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acid urine. Many theories have been held as to the etiology of the
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direction of action alternately of the affected muscle and of its
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ing along the anterior and external face of the vertical
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the condition of the muscles may be improved and when the
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the throat and causing the trouble. Feel along the bottom of
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III. General Therapeutics of Diseases of the Blood
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taining about fifty per cent of clay to wounds tumors
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tinct to justify the nomenclature now asually adopted.
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Under microscope the epithelia of alveoli was seen to hold a dark
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would result in serious consequences if unattended to.
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this ferment operative it must not be taken after a meal is over.
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dications warrant its closure by suture and returning the
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I have not found Bad. sept hemorrhagica Pasteurella in
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