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while the bed was being made. At the post-mortem examination the
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drowsiness and indifference, bodily fatigue and prostration. The loss
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At the commencement of the disease the patient may at first only
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large and clumsy, sometimes mottled here and there by the disten-
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ing, and the increased size of the heart, manifest in the vaulting of
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logically be attributed to this factor alone, because in such villages
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taken beaten up with an egg and hot water or added to hot milk at
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treatments. (Compare this latter case with the patient in Case 52,
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carditis. The ulceration may attack the aortic valves, already dis-
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in labor; Duclaux death from rupture in spontaneous tetanus. Tissot
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convulsive action rather to the action of toxins than to mechanical
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far there are no clinical or experimental evidences to show there can
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were elevated the results of the carbon dioxid tension determinations
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increased in width owing to the persistent retraction of the upper
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there is a tendency for the blood to circulate slowly; the natural
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blage of signs there can be no doubt that chronic Bright's disease
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this drug to have no constant action on the excised uterus. There was
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increased to 20-24, but respiration is in no way seriously affected or
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Flutter, auricular, ventricular response to auricular premature beats and
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naturalised races of North America stand better than the recently
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wandering cells of the blood, does assert that only very rarely may they be
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ing. The feet also arc swollen and in some cases the enlargement is
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Research Committee of the American Medical Association and the Association
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During the eight weeks following the last injection the patient had no attacks
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experimental results are the same and show that the hemophilic plate-
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cies in 'A cases of myxedema in which the number of the corpuscles
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The penis is hidden from view and lies at the end of a long canal
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immunity against this bacillus possessed by different races.
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be of sufficient merit to discuss, however, for several times there was a
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a No. 40 powder was used. This tincture was placed in a cork-stop-
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died of intercurrent phthisis. Some time before death the discharge
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the local use of cold by the means of Leiter's tubes. The ice-bag
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proteins, most of which will be found in Table 1. Several of the
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cases have been fully considered in the fifth paper of this series 2 in
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From the frequency with which symptoms of cardiac degeneration
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— and if a second electrolysis became necessary there would be no
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Pellagrin 529, with whom Pellagrin 508 boarded, Mr. H. L., aged 23, developed
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Moreover, the attack never ceases so suddenly in hysteria.
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