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less heating to the body. The curtains of the bed should be

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nized by Dr. Murrell of London and its use in bronchial

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upon the cord at the level of the first dorsal segment is

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opportunity for the personal study of sick patients and

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Moreover in undoubted cases of human psorospermosis such as

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operation was now done higher up by cutting down on an artery

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is arrested from any cause. In forensic medicine we have usually in mind

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tubercle bacillus is not able to establish itself in the thoroughly

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and McCoLLOM had been appointed to act with the Secretary as Reg

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Rickets we see oftener as the origin of late and irregular denti

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quently found in connection with aneurisms of the mesenteric

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many souk may in this wise be saved to life eternal.

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of the mischief. Antispasmodics are the remedies which give

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of the Hospital except that the Surgeons may order mercurial

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Prognosis The internal ophthalmias are always to be dreaded.

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In the early stages of the disease however gentle local

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exertion. The size of the tumor increased so that at the end of

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of stony hardness. The epididymis of each testicle participating in the

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stomach of the colon or the omentum may as a rule be differentiated

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fered local or distant recurrence. The results of this

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of the capillary vessels. The pulse is quick and bounding. The

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niture means of transportation for the sick and wounded

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The disturbed force may commence in the spinal cord but this is