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to the Dominion of Canada and the profession of medicine.
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or fixation of the respiratory muscles followed by death
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dermic infiltration perineural and paraneural methods
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the tissues. At the present time all of his operations
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It is with indignation that all lovers of justice will look
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means above recommended will sometimes fail of much effect.
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to this attack there had been no emaciation or cough or ill health
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taken to establish or disprove the germ theories of the
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that the disease may be cured. It is exceedingly doubtful how
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arising from paralysis or contracture of the diaphragm more frequently to
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think that the disordered innervation which seems to be the cause of the
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the care which is exercised and the attention which is given to every
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temperature of F. This apparatus was applied to the isolated
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fallen back to its former limited sphere had not Dr.
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the practitioner will consider what kind of surface it
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prophylactic immunizing dose of to units of antitoxin.
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count globulin test. No relief followed the spinal puncture. Twenty
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usual dexterity. On the succeeding morning her bed was empty
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