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cal schools at this time was straightforward. Robert D.
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Dr. Comstock s patient was six weeks pregnant when attacked
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tion of the patient showed that from the first there was something faulty
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judgment is to be exercised for most assuredly the effects are not
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the abdomen. It may be confined to the hypogastrium
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presents a distinct bony margin around the base. Hemorrhage either
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titioners of medicine has caused no little conster
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repeated. Most instances of perforation are first at
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vegetables like the tomato squash and many others of tropical origin.
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tril. Their color is generally of a translucent pearly
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There is another formula for the administration of arsenic of
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Walchet s Position. The Walchersche Hdngelage was first de
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just stated are the only ones which have influenced chemists in
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condition that the abortion be performed by a physi
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still uncicatrised. About this time a cold abscess formed on
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Dr. Walter Lindley President State Medical Society Los
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ing through the slough of human and animal diseases there
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throats you will almost always find traces of ulceration
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arteriosclerosis or hypertension was a contra indication does not seem
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uremia were called on to account for tie uremic Byndrome.
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perceptible progress and final explosion may have had its
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um and left hypochondrium uterus mounted high in umbilical
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rare form of aggravated chorea which seems connected mth disease of
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authority of Mr Blizard who very politely favoured me with some
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Esthiome The herpes esthiomenos however has hitherto been much
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