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daily observation; two of these for a very prolonged period,

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amantadine (symmetrel or lysovir)

dysentery, nor could the ameba be found. Apparently the case

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lishment of a state sanatorium for the treatment of the indi-

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About this time he had some vomiting and was feverish for a

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cine"; Dr. Frank Billings, "Chicago Medicine," and Dr. Wil-

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prevents the cervix from going too far backward, and

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pression to prevent the transudation of serum or the

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sent here for treatment, have also contributed. About $10,000

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was always preceded by gastric and neurasthenic crises.

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by the vagina, uterine hemorrhage, etc., are of minor import-

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pharyngeal wall as Nature intended. Afterward — not

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heart. 3. Chorea. 4. Purpura rheumatica. 5. Subcutaneous

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ence of tubercular disease in this organ, are now over-

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the supernatant portion. The presence of polynuclear elements

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By spreading three or four drops of this reagent in a porcelain

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