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difficult to deal with than cases in neuropotentially sound indi-

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a cure and to prevent the infection of other persons ;

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is judged of by the tuJJjes, which are four teeth, ad-

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distinction between the two forms is very marked, but I have seen a case

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» Mention should also be made of what has been called the post-tussive

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appetite and digestion may be improved by the administration of a simple

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the primary growth is in the gall bladder, as in those in which it is in

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stances — pica, geophagy. Gradually all the symptoms of a profound

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appear that nearly every patient with phthisis died from haemoptysis — a

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malignant infections. Pigmented leucocytes are easily made out, and are

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especially fatal to children who are weaned at an early period. The older

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diabetes already under insulin treatment the daily dose must

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coccyx. Occasionally a finger may be passed into the anus, the con-

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in speaking, singing, and, to some degree, in swallowing. An accumulation

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tion becomes, as a rule, well marked. Various forms of chancre have been

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diminishes until it is finally lost. Bacilli retain their vitality for from two

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secretion, as stimulants to the motor activity, as sedatives, both for the

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more effedually than by the application of any other

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suffer equally with men, whether the poison enters by the alimentary canal

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(so that the pen or pencil shadow does not fall on the work). Twenty-

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A diagnosis of auricular fibrillation was made and this was substantiated by

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and that bringing over foreign ftallions, attending to

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medium outside the body, and to show that such pure cultivations were able,

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longitudinal as well. In the normal infant, also, the pyloric canal is not

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reaction of the vagina from alkaline to acid, and maintain an

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He hasabfolute dominion over fifty fhephcrds and fifty dogs, five

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appendix. Pus then accumulates around the appendix (perityphlitic

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to time a dose of calomel (|- to 1 gr.) is useful to carry away accumulations

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become angry, iodoform powder may be locally applied.

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of an inferior quality, as are likcwife diofe of Turkey,

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the bone marrow. The absence of these cells in anaemia is good evidence

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simple precaution of keeping the tablets on ice was observed.

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this Itate. Its blood, all parts of its bowels, its

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in early tuberculosis in the human being. It is known that the reaction

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nature of the swelling at the same time is different, assuming more an

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are, on the whole, correct. For the medical aspects of the subject I

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betes mellitus is a real source of danger. At the beginning of